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It’s a long road...
環 島 中

Adventurer Chien Pei-che, 22, leaves Baishatun on July 1 on his quest to walk around the island.

Photo: Paul Cooper, Taipei Times

It was no time to be out on the streets, exposed to the fierce sun. In the sleepy town of Miaoli County’s Baishatun Town, in the local 7-11 in which we sought refuge from the mid-afternoon sun, we chanced upon a man with a mission. Chien Pei-che, 22, recently graduated, had decided to walk around the island.

Doing it by motorbike would be too fast. Where would be the fun in that?

He had considered cycling around the island on a bike, but had not had time to get used to long distance riding.

He does quite a bit of running, however, so he was confident he could do the trip on foot.

Chien told us he had been wanting to do this for a long time, but he had never really had the time before, until he graduated from university. He had spent the last month planning what he needs to take, finding out about other people’s experiences of traveling around the island by searching online.

We met him on his fourth day. He started from New Taipei City’s Yingge District. His plan is to walk down the west coast, around the coast and up to Taitung and then Hualien on the east coast. This year there have been a lot of earthquakes, so he would prefer to bypass the Suhua Highway. He plans to take the train from Hualien up to Suao, and then he will continue on foot to Yilan and then back to Yingge.

People along the way, seeing the big sign on his back, saying “Going Around the Island,” have been shouting out encouragement; some have given him food or water to help him on his way; some have offered to give him a lift for a part of the way.

All in all, he expects the trip to take around 40 days, allowing for down days when he cannot walk because of bad weather.

(Paul Cooper, Taipei Times)









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