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Specially-decorated Puyuma Train extends service

A Puyuma train with eight iconic scenes of Taitung on its body, a design by, stops at a train station in Taitung on June 11.

Photo: Huang Ming-tang, Liberty Times

Taitung County Government has recently negotiated with Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) to postpone the removal of a series of images designed by Xiao Ching-yang, depicting eight iconic scenes of Taitung on the exterior of a Puyuma Express train. The Puyuma train has been operating for two years, with the decoration originally planned to be removed on June 13, but after discussion with the county government, TRA decided to keep the decorated train in service for an extended period.

According to Taitung County Government, the train is designed based on the idea of an island of stories. The train is decorated with images of the eight most iconic impressions of Eastern Taiwan: rising hot air balloons, breeze in the meadow, tropical coconut forests, breeze from the Pacific Ocean, fragrant rice paddies in the valley, annual harvest festivals, the first ray of sunlight in sunny Taiwan and the beauty of tribal villages.

The initial plan was to run the specially-decorated train for only a year, but due to its high popularity TRA decided to extend its service and has continued to run it since then, says Taitung County Government. It was then planned that the train would only run until June 13, but as it was so widely loved by the public, TRA and the county government took into consideration the public’s feelings and decided to postpone the removal of the designs. The country government thanked the public for their love and support for the decorated Puyuma train, and added that they will inform the public as soon as they have more good news.




1. impression n.

印象 (yin4 xiang4)

例: He gives the impression of someone who wants to please everyone.


2. widely-loved adj.

廣受喜愛 (guang3 shou4 xi3 ai4)

例: Li Bai is a widely-loved poet.


3. take into consideration v. phr.

考慮到 (kao3 lu4 dao4)

例: There are many things to take into consideration when adopting a dog.





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