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A: I’d like to buy a ticket for the 8am train, Taipei to Kaohsiung.

B: There are no seats left on the limited express and express trains from 8 to 10.

A: No problem, a standing-room-only ticket will be fine.

B: OK. There is an 8 o’clock Puyuma limited express, leaving Taipei, and arriving in Kaohsiung at 11:36.

A: 我要買一張早上八點從台北到高雄的車票。

B: 今天早上八點到十點的自強號、莒光號座位都賣完了喔。

A: 那沒關係,站票就可以了。

B: 好的,八點整有一班普悠瑪自強號從台北站出發,十一點三十六分到達高雄站。

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