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KRTC launches Line stickers of Xiong Meng Tian Tuan mascots

A Line user communicates with a friend using Xiong Meng Tian Tuan stickers on June 11 in Kaohsiung.


Photo: Ke You-hao, Liberty Times

Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corp (KRTC) has recently launched a new Line sticker set featuring its mascot group “Xiong Meng Tian Tuan” in a bid to tap into the growing market for cute fictional characters and mobile apps. The sticker set, which includes 40 stickers and costs only NT$30, is expected to help KRTC broaden its hold on smartphone users with its wallet-friendly price.

In 2014, the K.R.T. Girls anime characters were created to help promote the Kaohsiung Metro system. Last year, K.R.T. Girls mobile app stickers launched by KRTC were met with enthusiasm and instantly became the best seller among original stickers for three straight days, with more than 10,000 downloads in the first month by users from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, India, Germany and other countries. K.R.T. Girls merchandise often sells out immediately after it is released, significantly boosting KRTC’s revenue. It is estimated that sales of their products could reach NT$10 million.

According to KRTC, its first mascot was actually not any of the K.R.T. Girls, but a marmot called Happi. Last year, Happi teamed up with KRTC’s bear mascot U!FU to compete in Kaohsiung’s first mascot contest. The duo – together with Kao Tung Tung and Kaohsiung Bear Hero – have since gained recognition as the city’s most iconic mascots. Based on the success of the K.R.T. Girls stickers, KRTC has designed custom-made Line stickers of Happi and U!FU – also known as the group Xiong Meng Tian Tuan – to showcase their cutest looks.

The 40 stickers in the Xiong Meng Tian Tuan sticker set show the mascots in a variety of emotions ranging from happiness to anger, sadness and joy. There are also cute stickers designed for Christmas and New Year with which users can send season’s greetings to their friends.(LIBERTY TIMES, TRANSLATED BY TU YU-AN)


1. wallet-friendly adj.

(價格) 親民;便宜 ((jia4 ge2) qin1 min2; pian2 yi2)

例: Besides being wallet-friendly, the dress is also eco-friendly.


2. marmot n.

土撥鼠 (tu3 bo1 shu3)

例: Marmots typically spend the winter hibernating in their burrows.


3. iconic adj.

具代表性的 (ju4 dai4 biao3 xing4 de5)

例: The Tank Man is the most iconic figure of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.







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