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the gibbon has her fourth baby

Debbie, a white-handed gibbon at the Taipei Zoo, rests on a branch with her infant Bibo in an undated photo.

Photo courtesy of Taipei Zoo

Debbie, a 30-year-old white-handed gibbon at Taipei Zoo, gave birth to her fourth infant on May 13, and her keepers have named the baby Bibo.

The keepers say that when they went to inspect the gibbon island at 8.30am that morning, Debbie still had an enlarged abdomen, but when they went back to the island a bit more than an hour later, they found that Debbie had given birth to Bibo in a secluded spot and was licking the infant. As Bibo held on to his mommy with both hands and sucked his mother’s milk, Debbie would lift Bibo, whose legs had no strength yet, and hold tightly on to him.

Bibo was preceded by an elder sister, Wendan, and two elder brothers, Wencheng and Peter Pan. At present, the whole family lives on the gibbon island. Bibo’s brothers and sister are very interested in Bibo and often approach to watch or reach out their hands to touch him. When Bibo is resting, his mommy Debbie folds her legs to hold and protect him while warily grasping a branch with one hand, ready to respond to any situation.

White-handed gibbons born in the wild live to about 30 years old, while those raised in captivity may live for longer. They are a protected species that is close to extinction. They are distributed across Thailand, the Malayan Peninsula, northern Sumatra and in Burma and its border with China’s Yunnan Province. They are tree dwellers and can swing three meters at a time, but they cannot swim and are afraid of water. They form monogamous pairs and give birth to one infant at a time.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)




1. lick v.

舔舐;舔 (tian3 shi4; tian3)

例: The injured dog was licking its wound.


2. warily adv.

機警的 (ji1 jing3 de5)

例: Andrew stepped warily into the dark basement.


3. grasp v.

抓握;抓 (zhua1 wo4; zhua1)

例: Grasp the lever and pull it toward you.





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