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Philosophical frauds

Hokkaido’s tree of philosophy is pictured on Feb. 25 in Japan.

Photo courtesy of Derek Wu
照片:讀者Derek Wu 提供

Yu Huang-chieh, professor and head of the Department of Philosophy at Fu Jen Catholic University, recently posted an article on his Facebook page titled “the most humiliating day for the Department of Philosophy,” saying that this year the number of students applying for transfers from the Department of Philosophy to other departments reached 57, equivalent to the number of students in one class. This number has hit a historic high. He complained that the university entrance program can be likened to a big joke or a fraud, which has caused severe harm to academic departments that take their academic work seriously.

Yu said that 44 of the 57 students who applied for a transfer this year are first-year students, 12 are second-year students and one is a fourth-year student. When these students entered the university, 28 got admitted through applications, one through the Fanhsing university direct entrance program, two were overseas compatriot students assigned to this department, one was a transfer student from another department and 25 entered the department because their university entrance examination scores stood around the department’s level. Yu said this phenomenon proves that the existing multifaceted university entrance examinations, which were designed to allow students to enter their ideal departments, have completely failed.

He wrote that, during university admission interviews, students demonstrated their passion for philosophy with eloquence in front of admission committee members, but today these people are more like fraudsters.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)



1. humiliating


不堪 (bu4 kan1)

例: The teacher treated her students in a humiliating way.


2. hit a historic high


是歷年之最 (shi4 li4 nian2 zhi1 zui4)

例: The divorce rate has hit a historic high this year.


3. eloquence



(ru2 huang2 zhi1 she2; she2 can4 lian2 hua1)

例: Everyone in the audience is engrossed in his eloquence.





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