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Yunlin County Commissioner has veggie meal with schoolkids
節能減碳 雲縣長帶學童吃蔬食愛地球

Yunlin County Commissioner Lee Chin-yung, back row with white hair, poses with teachers and students at Dounan Elementary School on April 22.

Photo: Huang Shu-li, Liberty Times

To mark Earth Day, on April 22 Yunlin County Commissioner Lee Chin-yung had a vegetarian meal with children at Dounan Elementary School, so that the children could appreciate how vegetarianism is a practical and easy way of fighting global warming. As well as joining the children for a vegetarian meal, Lee and the children signed a pledge promising to use paper sparingly, prepare their own water flasks, take care of trees, collect resources for recycling, use reusable eco-friendly bags and eat locally produced food.

Yunlin County’s Education Department says that global warming and the greenhouse effect are getting worse by the day and research results show that this is mainly caused by the huge amount of carbon dioxide emitted by human activity, and eating habits are one of the factors that influence the quantity of carbon dioxide emissions.

In view of this, the county government is promoting the idea of eating more vegetarian food in all of the county’s 187 junior high schools and elementary schools, with each school providing a vegetarian lunch once a week. The program has been running for seven years, with priority given to choosing locally produced foods and non-genetically modified ingredients.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)






1. pledge n.

承諾 (cheng2 nuo4)

例: I hope the new mayor fulfills her pre-election pledges.


2. reusable adj.

可重複使用 (ke3 chong2 fu4 shi3 yong4)

例: In Taiwan, goat’s milk can be delivered in reusable bottles.


3. greenhouse n.

溫室 (wen1 shi4)

例: In colder climates some fruits can only be grown in greenhouses.


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