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The lucky number

The car with a regisration plate with 0887 is pictured on Saturday last week in Tainan.

Photo: Lin Meng-ting, Liberty Times

A chain pharmacy is holding a raffle as part of its anniversary celebrations. The special prize is a car worth NT$550,000. The car is parked in front of the drug store’s Shanhua branch with red balloons on it. However, on closer inspection you can see the car registration includes the numbers “0887.” Some netizens said this number sounds like “I’m an idiot” in Taiwanese. “Look, I’d love to win the car,” said one netizen. “But if I do, the first thing I would do is replace the registration plate.”

The store clarified the situation by saying the car with the 0887 registration plate is just a demo car; the company put the car, which is of the same model of the prize car, on the store forecourt simply to show people who participate in the draw what the prize looks like, should they be fortunate enough to win it. The demo car is not the prize car. The winner will get a brand new car.

The store said placing the demo car in front of the store is just a way to promote the event, as it shows the prizes are all “for real.” If they put the prize car in front of the store until the raffle is drawn and the car is awarded to the winner, the car could be scratched or damaged, which is unfair to the consumers.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)

連鎖藥局舉辦週年慶抽獎活動,其中特別獎祭出市價達五十五萬元的轎車一輛。該輛轎車停放在連鎖藥局的善化分店,上面還掛有紅色彩球,但仔細一看,車牌號碼竟是「0887」!有網友說感覺像 「拎北白痴」的諧音,「可以抽中車子當然很好,但如果抽中了,第一件事情就是去換車牌」。





1. chain n.

連鎖 (lian2 suo3)

例: David hates it when different restaurants in the same chain serve different portions.


2. raffle n.

抽獎 (chou1 jiang3)

例: Did you really win a car in a raffle?


3. fortunate adj.

幸運 (xing4 yun4)

例: I feel very fortunate to have met you.


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