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Liu’s lovely lemons
天然法種檸檬 劉春強務農抗癌

Liu Chun-chiang shows off his lemons on his farm in Pingtung County’s Jhutian Township on Feb. 27.

Photo: Chiu Chih-jou, Liberty Times

Liu Chun-chiang, a 66-year-old lemon farmer from Pingtung County’s Jhutian Township, was diagnosed with lymphoma 18 years ago. At the time Liu was working at the Taiwan Motor Transportation Company, but quit his job, planning to return to his hometown and work as a farmer to build up his physical fitness. However, on his return he saw that all the agricultural land in his hometown had been turned over to growing betel nuts. Furthermore, Liu discovered that the soil had suffered from long-term use of weedkiller.

Liu insists on not spraying weedkiller, instead using natural methods to prevent and control diseases and pests. Liu uses his own concoction of enzymes as fertilizer, and having achieved certification that his lemons are free from pesticide residues, has attracted a following of customers who come knocking on his door. Liu has for many years maintained the price of his lemons at NT$50 for one catty (0.5kg).

“My lemons even drink milk!” says Liu. He uses the scent of neem oil and cinnamon as a natural way to repel insects and makes a natural liquid fertilizer from milk powder, fish bone meal, soy bean flour and other ingredients.

Liu encourages other smallholder farmers to look after their farmland, reform the image of agriculture and insist on quality, in order to build up a competitive advantage within the marketplace.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)







1. long-term adj. 長期 (chang2 qi2)

例: Doctors agree that long-term exposure to asbestos is harmful to one’s health.


2. attract v. 吸引 (xi1 yin3)

例: The ice cream I was eating attracted a large number of wasps.


3. encourage v. 鼓勵 (gu3 li4)

例: My teacher encouraged me to consider doing some volunteer work during the summer vacation.


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