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A: The grades for the linguistics class I took last semester are finally out.

B: The teacher gave me 79 points. Very disappointing.

A: Why so low? Didn’t you serve as a teaching assistant?

B: He clearly didn’t want to play favorites. I have no idea if he’s being fair or a little harsh.

A: 上學期的語言學概論成績終於出爐了。

B: 是啊,但老師只給了我79分,真是太令人失望了。

A: 怎麼會這麼低呢?你不是還有擔任老師的教學助理嗎?

B: 顯然老師沒有因為我們關係好就給我高分。真不知道該說他公正還是無情。

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