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Residents sick of damage caused by MRT construction
捷運環狀線施工 讓阿嬤的牆壁都裂了

A resident of Jingan Road in New Taipei City’s Jhonghe District on Wednesday last week points at a metro beam and pillar directly outside the window of her home.

Photo: Weng Yu-huang, Liberty Times

Residents of Jingan Road who live on either side of the construction site of the Taipei MRT’s Circular Line in New Taipei City’s Jhonghe District complained on Wednesday last week that the construction work has been causing adjacent property damage to 30 to 40 households at the site and in Hesing and Sinnan boroughs. The extent of the damage ranges from cracked walls to sloping floors. The people affected are very worried, but they could never find anyone to complain to. Although staff from the Department of Rapid Transit Systems’ (DORTS) East District Project Office kept apologizing, the residents were still angry.

The adjacent property damage caused to buildings by construction work on the Circular Line has led residents to complain repeatedly, so on Wednesday last week Legislator Chang Ching-chung invited the department responsible for the construction work and victims of adjacent property damage to attend a mediation session. An elderly woman named Chen A-chao said that DORTS had said that if there were any problems they would come and fix them, but the walls in her home were cracked and letting in water and although workers had come to fix it twice it was still the same. Another elderly woman named Wei Kui-fang said that her home faces onto the road and one of the pillars that hold up the beam of the Metro line is right outside her window. She said that DORTS had not sent anybody to tell her before they started the pile-driving work. She said the deafening “thump, thump, thump” of the pile driver went on all day long and when the work was only half done her roof started leaking and cracks appeared in the floor. She said she was worried that even before the MRT line was completed, her house would be ruined.


1. sloping adj. 傾斜 (qing1 xie2)

例: Houses in countries where it snows have steeply sloping roofs. (下雪的國家,房子的屋頂會非常傾斜。)

2. victim n. 受害人 (shou4 hai4 ren2)

例: The fraud victims are all very angry.


3. mediation n. 協調;調解 (xie2 tiao2; tiao2 jie3)

例: The quarrelling neighbors were reconciled after mediation. (經過調解後,互相爭執的鄰居和解了。)

Chen Chun-jung, director of Civil Engineering Site Office Five of DORTS’ East District Project Office, apologized repeatedly during the mediation session, stressing that DORTS would live up to its responsibilities and give priority treatment to households whose safety was affected or who were suffering from water leakage, while other problems would be dealt with altogether once the construction work is finished.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)





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