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Mountain rescue ends in tragedy
國軍直升機訓練 嘉明湖尋獲失聯登山客遺體

Jiaming Lake in Taitung County is pictured on March 30 last year.

Photo: Wang Hsiu-ting, Liberty Times

Liu Yi-tsan, a 31-year-old man from Taichung, set off on his own from the foot of Taitung’s Siangyang Mountain on New Year’s Day without applying for a permit. Liu had planned to descend the mountain after three days, however, having lost contact, Liu’s family reported him as missing.

At 2:21pm on Sunday last week, the Taitung County Fire Department received a call for a mountain search and rescue and immediately mobilized four firefighters, a substitute military serviceman and several mountaineers to conduct a search operation but the team returned empty-handed. The following day, a helicopter and aircrew were drafted in to reinforce the rescue effort. The ground search and rescue team was airlifted to the Sanchaleng camping site, while the aircrew carried out an aerial search along the Sinkangshan route, but all their efforts were in vain.

The Taitung County Fire Department says firefighters together with the aircrew searched for successive days to no avail, but at 10:29 in the morning on Thursday last week sad news came when a military helicopter conducting exercises near the Jiaming Lake mountain area came across a dead body. The helicopter carried the body, attached by rope, to the Shueishang Airforce Base in Chiayi County, after which it was taken to the Chiayi County Veterans Hospital. Liu’s identity card was found on the body and the features of the body’s clothing also matched Liu’s.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)





1. lose contact v. phr.

失聯 (shi1 lian2)

例: These days it’s easy to lose contact with friends if you’re not on social media.


2. mobilize v.

動員 (dong4 yuan2)

例: The army quickly mobilized over 500 troops to assist with the disaster relief effort.


3. return empty-handed phr.

無功而返 (wu2 gong1 er2 fan3)

例: After spending two hours trying to find his girlfriend a present, Tom returned empty-handed.



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