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What’s your favorite city in Taiwan?

A Royal Poinciana blossoms on May 18 with Kaohsiung’s 85-story Tuntex Sky Tower in the background.

Photo: Chang Chung-i, Taipei Times

An article posted on the PTT online bulletin board has unexpectedly sparked a heated debate among netizens. A netizen posed the question, suppose there is a company that has branches all over Taiwan, all else being equal, which city would people prefer? Most people said Kaohsiung, while Taipei, the nation’s capital, only ranked fourth.

Although most companies are concentrated in the big cities, the netizen hypothesized that this company has branches all over Taiwan, offers a monthly salary of NT$42,000 and requires occasional overtime work, with the same kind of work and the same time commute, which city would people prefer? It turns out Kaohsiung is the favorite, followed by Taichung, Tainan, while the fourth place goes to the nation’s capital, Taipei.

Netizens who favored Kaohsiung said, “Except air pollution and hot weather, Kaohsiung is perfect.” “Kaohsiung’s commodity prices and convenience are nice.” “Kaohsiung’s crime rate is no higher than that of Taipei.” “Definitely Kaohsiung. Even its people are super nice!” Supporters of Taichung and Tainan say, “I will certainly go for the city with the lowest commodity prices, such as Tainan, Kaohsiung and Taichung, but absolutely not Taipei.” There were, however, relatively fewer fans of Taipei. One netizen even joked, “Can I choose the Diaoyutai Islands? It is so close to Japan.”

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)





1. all else being equal phr.


(qi2 ta1 tiao2 jian4 quan2 dou1 xiang1 tong2)

例: All else being equal, she prefers a hunk to a skinny guy. (其他條件全都相同的情況下,她要壯漢而不要瘦子。)

2. rank v.

排名(pai2 ming2)

例: Bob’s writing ranks no.1 among Taiwanese reporters.


3. commute n.

通勤(tong1 qin2)

例: Unlike most people, Jack does not resent a long commute to work.



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