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Kids challenge themselves by cycling over 60 kilometers
孩子挑戰自我 騎腳踏車六十多公里

Six bike team members pause for a photo with their bicycles in Yunlin County on Sunday.

Photo: Huang Shu-li, Liberty Times

Nov. 20 was International Children’s Rights Day. In view of frequent reports about cases of child abuse, World Vision Taiwan has helped students transform into children’s rights advocacy ambassadors. They rode bikes from Yuanchang Township to Gukeng Township in Yunlin County and along the way advocated for four main children’s rights, including the right to life, development, participation and protection.

Taiwan World Vision supports about 2,000 students in Yunlin County. Because the parents are too busy working to take care of their own kids, after the children come home from school, they either roam the streets or stay at home and indulge themselves in television, computers and video games. Noticing this, Lin Kuan-liang, a social worker at the organization’s Yunbin branch and a cycling enthusiast, has used his time outside of work to take children cycling, nurturing the habit of exercising, training in teamwork and cooperation and challenging themselves.

Lin says the bike team consists of six people at the moment. The bicycles are those the children ride to school every day. The only equipment is a safety helmet, and one team member’s bike is a second-hand one given away by someone. The gears are broken and the handlebars and frame are rusty, but the kid still rides it happily.

Early one the morning when the sun was shining, the team members set out from Yuanchang Shannei Elementary School and passed through Tuku Township and Dounan Township before reaching Gukeng. The round trip was over 60 kilometers. Although sweating and with aching bottoms and feet, not one child complained of tiredness and along the way many people cheered them on.

(Liberty Times, translated by Clare Lear)


1. right n.

權利 (quan2 li4)

例: Animals have rights too.


2. equipment n.

裝備 (zhuang1 bei4)

例: Their equipment was expensive.


3. roam v.

閒逛 (xian2 guang4)

例: In the school holidays kids roam the street.







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