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Can I come home with you?

Three volunteers hold puppies available for adoption in Hualien on Nov 3.

Photo: Wang Feng-chih, Liberty Times

“Can we come home with you?” Two pet stores in Hualien County have established a “loving adoption inn” to offer a temporary warm place to stay for furry friends that are looking for homes. In October they successfully found new owners for five little dogs. At the same time, they are promoting the idea of “adopt, don’t buy,” which has received praise from dog lovers, who all say that the shop really gives a lot of love.

Many years ago, husband and wife Yang Yao-tung and Chen Ying-ying, who have two franchise pet stores, started to offer free food to volunteer groups for stray dogs in Hualien, hoping to lessen their burden of caring for the furry friends. This year they have turned the shop located in Jian Township into a loving adoption center and joined the ranks of strays’ halfway houses by making room for adoptions, completely dedicated to helping the little creatures find a new home.

The husband-and-wife team were sad to see that dogs could only rely on halfway houses and volunteer groups and just wait to be adopted. They were even more worried that the little tykes have to undergo the terrifying countdown of 12 days until they are euthanized. So they decided to establish an adoption center and proactively promote it, hoping that the public would give warm loving homes to the pooches.

The Hualien Animal and Plant Disease Control Center says that members of the public who are 20 years and over only need to bring their ID cards to be able to adopt an animal from a halfway house or loving adoption center. They can enjoy free care such as animal registrations, this year’s rabies shot and seven-in-one immunization shots, deworming and spaying or neutering.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Clare Lear)


1. pet n.

寵物 (chong3 wu4 )

例: Everyone should learn how to look after pets properly.


2. countdown n.

倒數 (dao4 shu3)

例: The New Year’s Eve countdown in New York is famous.


3. adopt v.

認養 (ren4 yang3)

例: Many people in the West adopted unwanted baby girls from China.







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