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A: Excuse me, where do I need to go for a tax refund?

B: The tax refund desk is on the 32nd floor; turn right as you go out of the lift and walk right to the end.

A: Oh how bothersome. Why isn’t the tax refund service on the first floor?

B: You’ll only be able to obtain a refund of 6 percent at the most. If you think it’s too much trouble, don’t go.

A: 請問哪裡可以退稅?

B: 在三十二樓的退稅櫃檯,電梯出來左轉,直走到底。

A: 這麼麻煩啊!為什麼一樓的櫃檯不開放退稅服務呢?

B: 退稅最多也只能退回6%而已。你若嫌麻煩,不去也罷。

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