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Beyond Time

Performers dance on a simple stage with a backdrop of mountains in Taitung County’s Chishang Township on Sunday.

Photo: Wang Hsiu-ting Liberty Times

U-Theatre gave the first outside performance of their classic theater piece, Beyond Time, in the middle of rice fields in Taitung County’s Chishang Township Rice Field Cultural Scenic Area. The waving golden rice was a stage, the layers of mountains and hills and the famous Tiantang Road were the backdrop. While they performed, the wind provided the accompanying voice by brushing the waves of rice. Of the 2,000 seats, none were left empty. U-Theatre’s Artistic Director Liu Ruo-yu said this was the real stage that she was looking for. This is now the seventh year of the Chishang Autumn Rice Harvest Arts Festival.

After U-Theatre started their performance the whole audience was silent, adults and children alike all focused their appreciation on the performance onstage. The sound of U-Theatre’s drums rose among the light fragrance of the rice fields, at times like the surge of ten thousand galloping horses, at times trickling like water. The performance of more than one hour really made people feel as though they were “beyond time.”

Liu said, originally this theater piece combined mirrors and floor projections to create a feeling of four dimensions in the theater. However, because this was an outdoor performance, originally actions that were off-stage all became a part of the performance. They built enclosed areas with rice straws on both sides of the stage for the performers to change costumes. During the performance, the floor and projections which had been used in performances indoors were removed, because they wanted the audience to directly experience the beauty of the moment between the earth and the sky.

(Liberty times, translated by Clare Lear)


1. projection n.

投影 (tou2 ying3)

例: There was a projection of photos on the cafe wall.


2. outdoor adj.

戶外 (hu4 wai4)

例: The success of outdoor activities depends on the weather.


3. remove v.

拿掉 (na2 diao4)

例: Since he removed sugar from his drinks every day, he went from 110 kilograms to 60 kilograms.






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