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How to free a trapped finger

Firefighters in Taoyuan City on Monday last week free a young man’s trapped finger.

Photo: Lee Jung-ping, Liberty Times

A young man from Taoyuan City put his right index finger into the spout of a metal water canteen and could not remove it. The finger became red and swollen, so he asked the Longtan fire brigade to help. Using a rotary cutter, they carefully cut the water canteen and freed the young man’s finger.

On Monday evening last week, the man, accompanied by several friends, went to the Longtan fire station. The firefighters discovered that the whole of his right index finger was stuck in the steel water canteen, and the finger had lacerations, severe inflammation and bleeding. It hurt so much that he could not stop sweating.

The firefighters took into consideration that the water canteen was made of steel and could only be cut using a rotary cutter. The young man’s friend joked, “Maybe when you hear the sound of the machine starting you will be so nervous that your finger will shrink away and come out!” When the young man heard this he broke out in a cold sweat, but when his finger was free he breathed a sigh of relief. When the firefighters asked why he put his finger into the kettle, the man and his friends did not know how to answer, but they repeatedly thanked the team members for the successful rescue.

The fire brigade reminds the public that, in the usual case of a ring being stuck on a finger, people can first use soap and water, lubricants, oil and so on to allow the finger to get free. However, if it is stuck too tightly, it is best to seek medical assistance as soon as possible, so as not to cause local tissue necrosis and be full of regret later.

(Liberty Times, translated by Clare Lear)



1. stuck adj.

塞進;卡 (sai1 jin4; ka3)

例: I was stuck at the office.


2. laceration n.

撕裂傷 (si1 lie4 shang1)

例: Lacerations may become infected.


3. shrink v.

縮 (suo1)

例: Clothes shrink easily in a washing machine.






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