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Language students’ airport internship
應用外語學生 桃園機場實習

Teacher Cycle Chen, right, and students from Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology’s Department of Applied Foreign Languages pose with airport assistant manager Li Shun-hsing, fourth right, at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Aug. 4.

Photo courtesy of the Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology

Jessie Huang, who, with her film-star face, bears a remarkable resemblance to entertainer Alice Ko, and fellow students from Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology’s Department of Applied Foreign Languages have been doing internships at Taoyuan Airport for half a year under an industry-academy cooperation program. When faced with inquiries from foreigners, Huang can now answer in fluent English and no longer gets tongue-tied, and it only takes her a moment to solve the kinds of crisis that can suddenly come up for travelers. Huang is now certain that after graduating she will take the test to become a flight attendant and pursue her dream career.

Kuan Mei-yen, chairperson of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages, says that the university has an industry-academy cooperation program with third-party companies that work with the Taoyuan International Airport. The program requires students to assist the airport’s meet-and-greet services, guide travelers, maintain order and so on. The interns receive a monthly stipend of more than NT$30,000. The key to this work is the participants’ language ability, and they also need to have a proactive attitude. Under current arrangements, the students’ internships last for one academic year.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)





1. tongue-tied adj.

吃螺絲 (chi1 luo2 si1)

例: If I ask her to dance, I’m sure I’ll get tongue-tied.


2. stipend n.

津貼 (jin1 tie1)

例: The stipend for this internship is low, but the experience is very valuable.


3. proactive adj.

積極;主動 (ji1 ji2; zhu3 dong4)

例: If you are not more pro-active, you will never get promoted.


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