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Liaoluo Bay’s red tides

Waves lap at the beach at Liaoluo Bay in Kinmen County on Sept. 10.

Photo: Wu Cheng-ting, Liberty Times

A large quantity of a reddish brown substance, initially believed to have been caused by oil spills, has appeared at Kinmen’s beautiful Liaoluo Bay. Kinmen County’s Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) and the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI) launched an investigation on Sept. 10 and confirmed that it was caused by a type of algal bloom, which did no harm to the sea water quality.

For several days, the public had seen a strange reddish brown tide at Liaoluo Bay. Since Liaoluo Port, where goods are transported between Kinmen and Taiwan and China, is in the vicinity, many suspected it was a diesel spill.

On Sept. 10, Deputy Council Speaker Hsieh Tung-lung and Jinhu Township representative Chen Hsiang-hsin requested the EPB and the FRI accompany them to the bay to sample the water. It was then confirmed that the reddish unidentified substance was in fact an algal bloom, not an oil spill.

Hsieh said there was oil pollution at Liaoluo Bay in June this year, which was why it was only natural that the residents would associate strange marine phenomena with pollution when they saw it. Fortunately, it was confirmed to be just algae.

Vincent Fu, director of the county’s EPB, said that muddy water flowed into the ocean after heavy rain, causing an increase of salt nutrients, which, combined with ocean currents, led to an algal bloom by the beach. The algae could be seen in almost all of Kinmen’s coastal waters, but there was no need for the public to be overly concerned.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)





1. beautiful adj.

美麗 (mei3 li4)

例: What a beautiful shot of Tamsui at sunset.


2. in the vicinity phr.

一旁;附近 (yi1 pang2; fu4 jin4)

例: Students gathered in the vicinity of the legislature to discuss Formosa’s history and future .


3. associate v.

聯想 (lian2 xiang3)

例: He always associates the smell of rice with his father.





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