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Nature takes over cycle paths in Tainan

A sculpture of a cycle stretches across a cycle path in Tainan on Sept 10. Cyclists suggest the cycle paths should be better maintained.

Photo: Wang Han-ping, Liberty Times

Tainan City is promoting cycle trips. However, with tree roots appearing on the cycle paths, weeds growing, the messy environment and other problems, cyclists hope that the relevant authorities will strengthen maintenance management.

Over recent days, staff from the Tainan City Government Department of Tourism visited Baihe, Houbi and Dongshan districts, inspecting their tourism industry development and their strategies for promoting cycling. Locals have offered many visions and are confident about their integrated area development. However, some riders opined that many bicycle paths are overgrown with weeds, affecting the scenery and recreational quality. There is a need to think of long-term solutions. Other cyclists said that even just the entrance area is highly problematic. It is overgrown with weeds, has a messy environment and decayed information signs; if you wanted to take a photo, you needed to hunt for a long time to find a beautiful spot.

The local borough warden found that in some places where there are Lobular Terminalia trees growing along the side of the road, the roots are gradually growing over the cycle path making the road bumpy. He was afraid that this would endanger cyclists’ safety and hoped that the relevant authorities would find ways to make improvements and also research into what type of trees were suitable to grow along the side of the cycle paths.

(Liberty Times, translated by Clare Lear)




1. integrated adj.

整合 (zheng3 he2)

例: The integrated area development has brought business and a better environment.


2. even conj.

光是 (guang1 shi4 )

例: Even just looking at cake makes me gain weight.


3. decayed adj.

腐朽 (fu3 xiu3)

例: Japanese era houses are left decayed all over Taiwan.




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