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Tree doctor vows to help century-old Formosan ash tree return to health
搶救寶山「雞油樹爺爺」 專家籲截枝噴藥

An old Formosan ash tree in Hsinchu County on Sept 11, with half of its branches dying, stands beside a small shelter. The tree is over 100 years old and locals have called in a tree doctor to treat it and nurse it back to health.

Photo: Tsai Meng-shang, Liberty Times

Hsinchu County Councilor Chiu Chen-wei has launched a fight to save an old Formosan ash tree and has received a lot of support from local people. Hu Pao-yuan, director of the China University of Science and Technology’s forest pest diagnostic clinic, was invited to inspect the tree. After he had inspected it, he said the old tree was not only sick but also had termites, so they would have to cut off the old branches and inject medicine to try to help it recover.

“The old tree, which is located behind a shelter, is over 100 years old. Many elderly people from Baoshan share memories of the tree, and none of us wants to see it cut down,” says 57-year-old former township councilor Liu Yun-fa, who now acts as an ecology guide. He found that the old Formosa ash tree was dropping leaves and its branches were becoming yellow, among other symptoms, which prompted him to rush to ask Chiu for help. He hopes to preserve this landmark tree of Baoshan Village.

Chiu said that in Youtian Village, where this old Formosan ash tree stands, there were once many Formosan ashes, so the old name for the local area was “protruding ash trees.” This grandfatherly tree is over 100 years old and is like a local cultural symbol made by nature. Chen said that he and local residents will fully cooperate with Hu to rescue the old tree, and he will make sure it continues to grow there, allowing the young people of Baoshan Village to go on appreciating its magnificence.

(Liberty Times, translated by Clare Lear)




1. located behind phr.

位於…後方 (wei4 yu2 ... hou4 fang1)

例: The convenience store is located behind the bus stop.


2. rush to ask ... for help v. phr.

趕緊向…求助 (gan2 jin3 xiang4 ... qiu2 zhu4)

例: He rushed to ask the lawyer for help.


3. fully cooperate phr.

全力配合 (quan2 li4 pei4 he2)

例: The workers will fully cooperate to finish the project on time.




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