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It’s a fair cop, well, two, actually
「請教我打魚」 女警智擒壯賊

A fisherman surnamed Yeh stands on a fishing raft in Kaohsiung’s Gushan District on Sept 7.

Photo: Huang Liang-chieh, Liberty Times, from a police photo

A thief weighing nearly 100kg stole fishing nets. Fishing nets’ knots are knotted to signify their owners, but two policewomen found that the nets on board a man surnamed Yeh’s boat were different. They used an excuse to get him to come onto shore and joined forces to haul him in. Policewoman Hsiao Yi-chun almost fell into the sea. On Sept 7, the suspect was charged by police.

There has been a series of thefts of fishing nets from fishermen at Kaohsiung’s Jhongjhou fishing port. As some could not afford to buy new nets, they had to stop fishing altogether. Another fisherman surnamed Chiu went out to sea to fish. When he gathered in his nets and returned to harbor, he folded his nets on the bank. The next day when he wanted to go to fish again, the nets were gone.

Police received reports and launched an investigation focusing on a shirtless man, Yeh, who allegedly stole nets and then took a raft out to sea to fish so that the real owners of the nets could not go out. Policewomen Hsiao Yi-chun and Wu Pei-hua were on patrol when they found the suspect, Yeh, returning to port. They outwitted and captured the large, shirtless man.

The policewoman asked Yeh, aged 61, to come onshore and explain about fishing techniques, so she could see if the nets were the stolen nets, with the special knots signifying the owners. After the police had determined that the nets had the special knots, Yeh eventually admitted to the crime and was taken immediately to the police station. In the course of this, policewoman Hsiao nearly fell into the sea, but fortunately Wu ordered the man to let go of her, and Yeh then went quietly to the police station.

(Liberty Times, translated by Clare Lear)


1. charge v.

函送法辦 (han2 song4 fa3 ban4)

例: The man was charged by police with drunk driving.


2. a series of phr.

接連 (jie1 lian2)

例: The museum had a series of thefts of its art work.


3. launch an investigation phr.

展開調查 (zhan3 kai1diao4 cha2)

例: The city government launched an investigation into the lack of parking spaces.







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