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Cookery teacher is a winner
日本國際料理人大賽 苗栗阮學彬奪金牌、銀牌

Juan Hsueh-pin presents his award-winning dishes and the awards he won in Japan on Sept. 10 in Miaoli.

Photo: Tsai Cheng-min, Liberty Times

Juan Hsueh-pin, a teacher in the department of food and beverage at Long Der Commercial and Household Vocational High School in Miaoli County’s Yuanli Township, recently took part in the Japan International Cuisine Competition. By dexterously employing Taiwanese ingredients, he created innovative dishes, winning a gold medal in the western cuisine category and a silver in the Chinese cuisine category, thereby gaining international recognition for Taiwanese cuisine.

Juan went to the competition in Japan equipped with Taiwan-grown perch and free-range chicken legs. The ingredient that won him the western cuisine gold medal was indeed the Taiwanese free-range chicken legs, which he used to make free-range chicken rolls. His chicken rolls doused with Taiwanese three-cup sauce and generously sprinkled with diced almonds were uniquely delicious and won the hearts and mouths of the judges.

Juan also cooked Taiwanese perch with fish head casserole soup. After stewing, the creative dish was thoroughly filled with the aroma of Taiwanese fresh fish, winning applause from the judges and making Juan stand out again in the Chinese cuisine category, where the soup won him a silver medal.

Juan says that the biggest challenge of the contest, in addition to the language barrier and unfamiliarity with the venue, was how to keep the ingredients that he took with him from Taiwan fresh. Fortunately, he managed to overcome these problems without a hitch.

Juan says that the 150 contestants came a number of countries, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. He had to give a lot of thought to how to make creative dishes, which gave him a big headache for a time. Luckily his efforts were not fruitless, and he came home with both honor and awards.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)


1. dexterously adv.

巧妙 (qiao3 miao4)

例: He played the piano dexterously.


2. sprinkle v.

灑 (sa3)

例: The sauce she sprinkled on the soup was too spicy.


3. without a hitch phr.

順利 (shun4 li4)

例: I hope they can get through the wedding without a hitch.








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