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Insurance tips in case of dengue fever
染患登革熱 保險理賠秘訣報你知

A notice displayed in Hsinchu on Sept. 8 warns that vessels containing water may allow dengue-carrying mosquitoes to breed.

Photo: Hung Mei-hsiu, Liberty Times

As this year moved into summer, indigenous dengue fever started to wreak havoc. According to the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), since May there have been over 6,200 cases of the illness and 31 deaths suspected to have been caused by dengue fever. Given the situation, Taiwanese people cannot help but panic. Many people want to know whether they can claim insurance if they become infected with dengue fever. An industry representative says that if you are so unfortunate as to be infected, there are some insurance claim tips worthy of attention.

Fubon Life reminds the public that, first of all, because the CDC has designated dengue fever as a second-category notifiable infectious disease, if people are unfortunately infected and hospitalized they can claim payments from their medical insurance. If a patient has the old kind of health insurance policy whose terms exclude liability for notifiable infectious diseases, the insurer may handle the claim leniently and make payments according to the contractual terms originally agreed for each item of liability, offering provision for medical care in hospital, so that policyholders can receive treatment without worry. Furthermore, if someone dies due to dengue fever, it can be covered by a payment from their life insurance.

People would also like to know whether they can claim accident insurance if they are bitten by a dengue vector mosquito. Fubon Life says that since dengue fever is a notifiable infectious disease and accident insurance applies to accidents arising from external causes other than illness, no such claim can be made in such cases.

(Liberty Times, translated by Clare Lear)


1. indigenous adj.

本土 (ben2 tu3)

例: Indigenous species are under pressure from foreign species


2. cannot help but v. phr.


(bu4 mian3; ren3 bu2 zhu4)

例: When I see a big spider I cannot help but panic.


3. if ... due to phr.

若因…而 (ruo4 yin1... er2)

例: If you fail to graduate from university due to poor exam results, it would be a pity .






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