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Rains turn Tainan road into river
台南雨勢不斷 安中路又變「安中河」

The Anjhong-Tongan Road intersection in Tainan floods once again on the evening of Aug. 29.

Photo: provided by Liberty Times reader Lin Chih-hsiung

“The Anjhong River is back again.” On Aug. 29 rain fell non-stop in Tainan, due to the impact of a south-westerly air current. Of the many locations in Annan District where there was pooling rainwater, the area where Anjhong Road, Section 1 meets Tongan Road — which is guaranteed to flood whenever it rains — flooded yet again that evening.

Director of Tainan City Government Water Resources Bureau, Lee Meng-yen, says a contract has already been let for engineering improvement work to remedy flooding at the Anjhong-Tongan Road intersection and construction work is about to start on-site. Lee says he hopes the work will be able to effectively solve the problem of flooding.

Tainan resident Lin Chih-hsiung says he moved to Anjhong Road only six or seven years ago only to find that there have been floods every year. In the past, it would only flood if it rained heavily for one hour; now the time before a flood is becoming ever shorter: the shortest period on record is a mere 20 minutes. Everyone is suffering untold misery, says Lin.

Lin says it started to flood at approximately 6pm on the evening of Aug. 29. Water rose up onto the covered sidewalk and the flood lasted for approximately 30 minutes before gradually subsiding. Every time it floods, the government says it will make improvements, however every year it still floods, says Lin. Anjhong Road has turned into Anjhong River. Everyone is fed up talking about it, added Lin.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)





1. effectively adv. 有效 (you3 xiao4)

例: What methods can I use to effectively improve my English ability?


2. untold misery n. phr. 苦不堪言 (ku3 bu4 kan1 yan2)

例: Laboring from dawn to dusk left me with all sorts of ailments and untold misery.


3. rise up v. 漫到 (man4 dao4)

例: As the water rose up around my ankles I started to become scared.




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