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Trams only: No dog-walking

A tram goes on a test run on the Kaohsiung Circular Line on Monday last week.

Photo: Wang Jung-hsiang, Liberty Times

It has been reported that some people have been treating the grass turf of Kaohsiung’s light-rail system as a park and have been going straight in to walk their dogs. The Kaohsiung City Government’s Mass Rapid Transit Bureau strongly cautions that no persons or vehicles are allowed to enter the tramway track area. Trespassers could face penalties of up to NT$7,500, in accordance with the Mass Rapid Transit Act.

The bureau further says that it will discuss with the Kaohsiung City Police Department’s Rapid Transit Police Brigade about implementing the act during the initial and review periods. In the beginning, they will mostly just advise people and promulgate the rules, such as by handing out advisory flyers. It is expected that after the test-run period, violators will be officially fined.

Currently, the section between C1 Lizihnei and C4 Kaisyuan Jhonghua stations of phase 1 of the Circular Line is undergoing initial review. This section extends 1.9 km and comprises four stations. The goal is to start trial operation by the end of this month.

Liberty Times readers said recently that on several occasions they have seen people enter the tram grass turf to walk their dogs, and some dog owners did not even clean up after their pets. The readers complained that this is not just against the rules but also damages the environment, and they hope the relevant authorities will look into it.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)







1. walk one’s dog phr.

遛狗 (liu4 gou3)

例: Wayne asked me to ask you if you would walk his dog with him.


2. implement v.

執行 (zhi2 xing2)

例: Ethan is good at creating new ideas; Jack is good at implementing them.


3. phase n.

階段 (jie1 duan4)

例: He felt as if he was dying in the early phase of love, but he survived.


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