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Much ado about biking
租借單車釀衝突 男大生與婦人互毆

Teenagers use a YouBike rental station in New Taipei City on Aug. 7.

Photo: He Yu-hua, Liberty Times

At about 10:00pm on the evening of May 18, a male college student surnamed Lin was standing in line outside Exit Four of National Taiwan University Hospital MRT Station, waiting to hire a YouBike. After a member of the public returned a bicycle, Lin went forward to take it. At the same time, a woman surnamed Yang scurried up beside him and, without consulting Lin, moved in front to take the bicycle. Feeling perturbed, Lin rushed forward to swipe his EasyCard. As Lin was preparing to take the bike out and leave, Yang placed some items she was carrying into the bike’s front basket. Lin angrily admonished Yang, saying: “You didn’t wait in line.” They then traded blows, after which they each reported the incident to the police, with Yang accusing Lin of damaging her mobile phone and Lin accusing Yang of injuring his left forearm.

The Taipei District Protectors’ Office summoned both parties to court. Lin expressed his desire that the matter could be resolved peacefully and, as a gesture of goodwill, dropped his complaint. Seeing that Lin did not wish to pursue his charges, Yang said she was willing to forgive the young man, and she too withdrew her complaint. In view of this, prosecutors did not indict either of them.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)





1. rush v. 搶先 (qiang3 xian1)

例: People often rush to buy up food before a typhoon hits.


2. admonish v. 大罵 (da4 ma4)

例: Peter was admonished by his wife for forgetting her birthday yet again.


3. trade blows v. phr. 大打出手 (da4 da3 chu1 shou3)

例: The couple traded blows after disagreeing on which movie to see.


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