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A young man’s
carp tattoo

A teenager in Taoyuan on July 23 displays a carp tattoo on his arm.

Photos copied by Chou Min-hung, Taipei Times

A teenager surnamed Wang wanted to get a tattoo and found a 23-year-old man surnamed Chen to do it for him. They began by communicating via an instant messaging program, and Chen asked Wang to go online and find some pictures he liked. The teenager found some drawings of demons, among others, but they were too complicated for Chen, so Chen dug out some simpler pictures of carps, totems and word characters for the teenager to choose, and eventually the youngster picked the carp.

On March 9, Chen tattooed the youngster at his private residence on Guotai Street in Taoyuan’s Jhongli District. Seeing a tattoo on the young man’s wrist, Chen figured that his family was not opposed to him getting tattoos. He asked the teenager, “Is it OK for you to get a tattoo on your upper left arm?” Only when the teenager agreed did Chen go ahead and tatoo him.

Unexpectedly, when the youngster’s father discovered the carp tattoo on his arm in late May, he was furious and yelled, “How hideous!” He then took his son to report to the police, lodging charges of bodily harm and fraud against Chen.

The police said the father reasoned that he was the teenager’s statutory agent and that Chen had tattooed his son without his consent, scratching his son’s skin and causing him to bleed. In addition, the father said the tattoo his son received was different from the design that he originally wanted, so he also lodged a charge of fraud.

When Chen was asked by the police to report to the police station, he acted very sorry for himself, saying that he had bought the tattoo tools for personal use, but when the teenager found out that he could do tattoos, he asked him to do one for him. He would hardly have thought that after toiling for half a day to earn a mere NT$3,000, he would end up facing charges. It was really bad luck, he said.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)







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