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One night : NT$300, Two nights: FREE!!!

The Puyuma people of Katratripulr village follow the path of their ancestors on Pingtung’s Alangyi Trail on May 11, 2014.

Photo: Tsai Tsung-hsien, Liberty Times

The most beautiful scenery in Taiwan is its people. In order to give backpackers an in-depth experience, Cheng Feng-pin, who lives in Pingtung’s Alangyi Trail, offers free accommodation backpackers; a one night stay costs NT$300, but staying for two nights is free of charge. He hopes that this will allow backpackers to see the beauty of Taiwan.

Cheng said that a small number of backpackers took it for granted that other people should share resources with them. He had encountered some backpackers who asked for free accommodation and a free tour to the Alangyi Trail. When he refused, some backpackers would boldly question him, “Isn’t everything here free? Why do I have to pay?” Some backpackers would even enter the Alangyi Trail without applying for permission. “That really shows utter disrespect for the local culture, and is not the kind of attitude that travelers should have.”

However, having been offered free accommodation, most backpackers would opt to be volunteers in the village, helping children with their homework and telling them stories, which, according to Cheng, is the richest reward that traveling can offer.

(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)


鄭豐繽說,少數背包客會把他人分享的資源視為理所當然,他曾遇過有背包客要求免費住宿和提供免費導覽阿朗壹古道服務。他回絕時,部分背包客甚至理直氣壯質問 「這裡不是一切免費嗎?為何還收費?」還有些背包客會私闖阿朗壹古道,「對當地文化很不尊重,這不是旅人應有的態度」。




1. take ... for granted, phr.

視為理所當然 (shi4 wei2 li2 suo3 dang1 ran2)

例: Human rights should be taken for granted, not given.


2. disrespect n.

不尊重 (bu4 zun1 zhong4)

例: How can you expect others to treat you with respect when you treat them with disrespect?


3. reward n.

收穫 (shou1 huo4)

例: The greatest reward she got from helping the sick and poor was indescribable joy.


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