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Schoolyard dog “Coffee” gets a new den
安溪國小出錢出力 校狗「咖啡」搬新家

An undated photo shows principal Weng Chun-sheng and schoolchildren posing with schoolyard dog “Coffee” at Ansi Elementary School in New Taipei City’s Sansia District as they celebrate the dog’s move to a new home.

Photo courtesy of Ansi Elementary School

Following a nighttime burglary that took place at Ansi Elementary School in New Taipei City’s Sansia District seven years ago, teachers at the school took in a young stray dog to help maintain the school’s security. Since its fur was brown all over, the school named it “Coffee.” From then on, the clever and docile dog teamed up with the school’s security guard to keep the schoolyard safe.

Unexpectedly, one night not long after Coffee arrived at the school, it was beaten and badly injured by an unknown person, suffering a broken hind leg. The whole school then joined the struggle to save Coffee, with everyone kindly contributing money and effort to help out. Some teachers made a wheelchair and used it to help Coffee practice walking every day. People where worried that Coffee might end up paralyzed, but the dog had a miraculous recovery.

Recently Coffee caught a skin disease because of the damp environment, so the school once again collected funds to turn what had been a dirty and messy corner of the schoolyard into Coffee’s very own den. When it was ready, the school held a house-moving ceremony. At the daily flag-raising ceremony, Coffee was introduced to all the children in the school, formally appointing it as Ansi Elementary School’s guard dog.

School principal Weng Chun-sheng used to worry that children might be afraid when they saw a dog, so the students did not have much contact with Coffee. Now, however, Coffee finally has a proper status, and the story of how the dog overcame illness is a valuable lesson in life.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)



1. clever adj.

聰明 (cong1 ming2)

例: Jenny is a clever girl — she learns very fast.


2. messy adj.

亂 (luan4)

例: Your bedroom is too messy. You had better tidy it up.


3. den n.

窩 (wo1)

例: Hibernation is when an animal sleeps in its den all winter.






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