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Seconds from disaster
差兩秒 北橫落石險砸女師車

Two large rocks that rolled down the hillside on Monday last week sit in the middle of Provincial Highway No. 7 in Fusing District, Taoyuan.

Photo: Lee Jung-ping, Liberty Times

F ollowing torrential rain that continued for days on end, rocks both large and small have been constantly tumbling onto Provincial Highway No. 7 in Taoyuan’s Fusing District. Early on Monday evening last week, some vehicles came within a hair’s breadth of being hit by falling rocks. While driving along in her car, Huang Chien-chuan, a substitute teacher at Sanguang Elementary School, was only about two seconds away from being struck by a large falling rock weighing several tons. Fortunately Huang had a narrow escape, which she says was purely down to good luck.

One of the two enormous rocks near Luofu Bridge needed two people to reach around it and was about the height of a car.

Huang, a devout Christian who grew up in Fusing District’s Yeheng community, says that when she was younger she saw even bigger rock falls than these. While driving through the area on Monday last week, two gigantic rocks dropped down less than two seconds after her car had gone past, giving her a big fright. “Thanks be to the Lord Jesus,” said Huang.

Unfortunately, a female teacher was only recently struck dead by a falling rock when she braved the rain and drove into the mountains to return to her school. In view of this, Huang posted an image of the scene of the huge fallen rocks on the school’s online forum, so as to remind teachers and students to take extra care when traveling on mountain roads.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)







1. constantly adv.

不斷 (bu2 duan4)

例: I have to constantly remind my students not to use mobile phones during class.


2. a hair’s breadth phr.

驚險 (jing1 xian3)

例: Rebecca escaped death by a hair’s breadth during the earthquake.


3. narrow escape phr.

有驚無險 (you3 jing1 wu2 xian3)

例: Tom had a narrow escape when his boat capsized at sea.


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