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The 17-year romance

Lan Kuo-cheng, right, kisses his bride Huang Mei-ping on May 16 after their wedding ceremony in Yilan County, as the couple finally tied the knot following a 17-year romance.

Photo: Wang Yang-yu, Liberty Times

On May 16, the Yilan County Government held a joint wedding ceremony at Tungshan River Park, attended by a total of 19 couples dressed in beautiful attire. One of the newlywed couples has been engaged in a 17-year-long romance; the man has always wanted to bring his girlfriend home as his bride, but the woman wanted her husband to complete his PhD degree first. Now that he has graduated and has a career, the couple have decided to tie the knot and are committed to taking care of each other for the rest of their lives.

Among the 19 couples, who were mostly made up of civil servants, 34-year-old engineer Lan Kuo-cheng and 33-year-old National Property Administration worker Huang Mei-ping were high school classmates and had been in a relationship for 17 years before deciding to become husband and wife.

How could someone hold out for that long? Lan innocently said “I asked every year,” but his wife always hoped he could successfully complete his PhD studies first. Lan received his diploma the year before last and now has a stable job, so Huang finally accepted his proposal. “It is a good thing I did not fail to live up to my commitment,” he said.

Huang said that although they were in two separate places and had thoughts of giving up, she wanted her husband to prioritize his education, and he really was very good to her . Therefore, she chose to believe that her husband was the person who could make her happy.

(Liberty Times, translated by Zane Kheir)




1. tie the knot phr.

共結連理,結婚 (gong4 jie2 lian2 li3, jie2 hun1)

例: Most people in Taiwan tie the knot earlier than people in Western countries. (台灣大部分的人比西方國家較早結婚。)

2. commitment n.

承諾;決心 (cheng2 nuo4; jue2 xin1)

例: Starting a new business requires a lot of commitment. (開創新事業需要很大的決心。)

3. separate adj.

分隔,分開 (fen1 ge2; fen1 kai1)

例: It is important to keep one’s work and personal life separate. (將工作與私人生活分開是很重要的。)




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