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Bunun: the journey home

Banners written by Bunun people and calling for autonomy and access to ancestral land are displayed in the Danda Forest Area in Nantou County on April 5.

Photo provided by a member of the public

The Bunun people of Takmazuan Village in Nantou County’s Xinyi Township say that to enter the Danda Forest Area, aborigines are not only required to register in advance and provide details such as purpose of entry, but also have to present automobile license numbers and complete passenger registration if they go by car. Moreover, they are also required to fill out registration documents at the Danda station. All they want is to visit an area where their ancestors lived freely, but instead they are met with a string of administrative procedures, unlike other Taiwanese, who can go home and sweep their ancestors’ tombs whenever they want. They are finding this long-term control unbearable.

The Bunun people also say that their cars have to be searched when they leave the mountains, as if they were thieves or criminals. If they bring pots, bowls and other cookware or sheets to spend the night in the mountains, they will be treated like illegal tree loggers when they leave. They say, with a sense of sarcasm, “If we had bad intentions, we would not be so stupid as to leave the mountains through the control center.” They have demolished the gates of the control center to declare their determination to enter the mountains freely, they say.

(Liberty Times, Translated By Ethan Zhan)





1. aborigine n.

原住民 (yuan2 zhu4 min2)

例: Aborigines know very well how to live in peace and harmony with nature.


2. unbearable adj.

難以接受 (nan2 yi3 jie1 shou4)

例: I like your music, though it is unbearable to many people.


3. sarcasm adj.

嘲諷,諷刺 (chao2 feng4, feng4 ci4)

例: Sarcasm can be wisdom, sometimes.


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