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Joint operation nabs illegal logging suspect
警方破獲盜伐案 查扣市價逾五十萬紅檜

Fresh cut faces are seen on Taiwan red cypress stumps on a truck impounded by police on the Formosa Freeway on Wednesday last week.

Photo: Hsieh Yin-chung, Liberty Times

Following the exposure of a case that occurred in a mountainous part of Taipei’s Neihu District, in which valuable forest lumber such as Taiwan cypress and Taiwan red cypress was being passed off as driftwood, police and forestry departments have been especially vigilant about valuable forest wood. On Wednesday last week, the National Highway Police Bureau’s Eighth Division, in conjunction with the Chiayi County Branch of the Seventh Special Police Corps’ Seventh Division and the Chiayi Forest District Office, detected a suspicious private pickup truck on a stretch of the Formosa Freeway near the border of Yunlin County’s Gukeng Township and Chiayi County’s Meishan Township. Upon close inspection, they uncovered a case of illegal logging of valuable forest lumber.

The police found six Taiwan red cypress stumps on the truck’s pickup bed, weighing more than 1,400 kilograms in total and with a market value of NT$500,000, and they arrested the 44-year-old driver surnamed Huang, who has previous convictions for violating the Forestry Act, on the spot. When being questioned by the police, suspect Huang answered in evasive terms and was unable to provide a verifiable explanation of where the red cypress stumps came from. Since there were fresh cut faces on the red cypress stumps, providing clear evidence of illegal logging, the police, after questioning Huang, indicted him on charges of illegal logging in violation of the Forestry Act.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)




1. lumber n.

木材 (mu4 cai2)

例: The trucks are carrying lumber to the sawmill.


2. in conjunction with phr.

會同,連同 (hui4 tong2, lian2 tong2)

例: We are working in conjunction with Interpol to catch the fugitive.


3. on the spot phr.

當場 (dang1 chang3)

例: If you pay the fine on the spot, you will not be arrested.



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