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Golden wheat field is a photography hot spot
黃金麥田超美 成攝影熱點

Photographers crouch to take pictures as farmer Tien Shou-hsi harvests wheat in a field in Jhubei City, Hsinchu County on March 29.

Photo: Tsai Meng-shang, Liberty Times

After winning a Champion Rice award last year, rice farmer Tien Shou-hsi has this year tried planting a hectare of wheat. Unexpectedly, his wheat field turned out to be a popular location for local photography enthusiasts vying for the best shots, and photographers were once more attracted to take pictures on the day he harvested the wheat.

Very few farmers in Hsinchu County plant wheat, so when the wheat in Tien’s field in the Donghai area of Jhubei City started coming into ear, and as the ears turned yellow, it became a target site for photography enthusiasts looking for a good shot. The golden wheat field really makes a lovely scene, but some of the wheat got trampled by careless people who trod too close, causing quite a lot of wheat spikes to drop off.

Tien joyfully harvested his wheat at the end of last month. While operating the harvester, he had to keep reminding the photography buffs to look out for their safety. Tien said that although it was a bit of a bother, he enjoyed quite a sense of achievement.

(Liberty Times, translated by Julian Clegg)






1. vie for v. phr.

爭相取得 (zheng1 xiang1 qu3 de2)

例: Fans are vying for tickets to the tennis final.


2. trample v.

踩踏 (cai3 ta4)

例: Tourists keep trampling the flowers and grass.


3. buff n.

玩家;專家 (wan2 jia1; zhuan1 jia1)

例: Morris is a geography buff; he can draw a detailed map of Africa from memory.


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