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Oops, I lost my iPhone!

The taxi driver returns the iPhone to its owner in Kaohsiung on March 14.

Photo: Huang Chia-lin, Liberty Times, courtesy of Kaohsiung police

On the morning of March 14, a 35-year-old man surnamed Lin hastily walked into the Jhongshan Police Station of Kaohsiung City Police Department’s Sinsing Precinct, reporting that he was on a business trip from Taipei to Kaohsiung, and that on his taxi ride from Kaohsiung’s Rueifeng Night Market to the hotel he had carelessly dropped his iPhone 6 Plus, which was a gift from his wife, in the taxi. However, he could not remember the taxi’s license number, but only the car type — a Toyota SUV.

Jhongshan Police Station Deputy Chief Chen Weiyu remembered a specific feature of iPhones — Find My iPhone. So he immediately shared the internet with Lin, letting Lin use his iPad to track his iPhone. Lin and Chen observed that the iPhone signals traveled all the way south from Kaohsiung to Pingtung. Chen kept calling the lost-and-found report desks of Pingtung County’s precincts and police stations along the signal path, but in vain. Finally the signal stopped on Kenting’s main street, and Chen hurriedly telephoned the Kenting Police Station of Hengchun Precinct, asking them to go to the location and check.

After receiving the report, Pingtung police went to the location of the phone signal and found a Toyota SUV taxi right there. The police knocked on the window of the taxi, and the 55-year-old taxi driver surnamed Jen said he had heard phone rings every once in a while from the back seat, but he did not know how to use an iPhone, so he could do nothing but let the phone ring. Jen had been about to take the phone to the police station when the police knocked on his window, he said.

After hearing from the police that Lin was anxiously looking for the gift that his wife gave him for their third wedding anniversary, Jen immediately drove more than two hours from Kenting to Kaohsiung and handed the phone to Lin in person. The police said Lin knew very well when and how to say thank you, as Lin gave the taxi driver a “seemingly quite thick” red envelope with money in it. On top of that, Lin even purchased 30 beverages to give the police officers as a treat. Then Lin left the police station with a big smile on his face.


1. carelessly adv.

不慎 (bu2 shen4)

例: Tom carelessly walked into a forbidden area and was fined NT$10.


2. track v.

追蹤 (zhui1 zong1)

例: Mary said she would track this poor man’s footsteps and save his life.


3. anxiously adv.

焦急地 (jiao1 ji2 de5)

例: He anxiously said to me that he wants to learn how to relax.


(Liberty Times, translated by Ethan Zhan)

三月十四日上午,三十五歲的林姓男子匆忙走進新興分局中山路派出所報案,指稱自己台北來高雄洽公,前晚從瑞豐夜市攔搭計程車回飯店,不慎把老婆送他的iPhone 6 Plus遺失在計程車上,但他不記得車號,只記得車型是豐田休旅車。





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