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Mobile network winds down service
PHS月底關門 可攜碼其他業者

The National Communications Commission (NCC) on March 11 approved an application from First International Telecom Corp. (FITEL) to end its Personal Handy-phone System (PHS) service. On March 31 the NCC will withdraw FITEL’s service frequency and telephone numbers. The low-power mobile phone service, which has been operating for 14 years up till now, will be consigned to the history books. PHS users who wish to retain their phone numbers may, according to the block of numbers allocated to the five telecoms companies, apply to carry over their number at dealers, starting from March 25.

In Taiwan, only FITEL operates PHS technology. Due to its unique qualities of low-power operation, low level of electromagnetic wave radiation and lack of monthly rental fees, the number of users at one time broke through the one million mark. However, due to its low-power, signal cover was poor and following the advent of mobile data, the technology began to be replaced in large numbers. Last year FITEL was declared bankrupt by the courts. The receivers, not intending to continue operations, took the decision to hand back its frequency and end services.

(Liberty Times, Translated By Edward Jones)





1. consign to the history books v. phr. 走入歷史 (zou3 ru4 li4 shi3)

例: It seems this political party will soon be consigned to the history books.


2. retain v.

保留,保存 (bao3 liu2, bao3 cun2)

例: I find it really difficult to retain new vocabulary in my long-term memory.


3. at one time adv.

一度 (yi2 du4)

例: Oolong tea was once Taiwan’s largest export commodity.


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