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Taiwan’s youngest councillor wins praise for integrity
全台最年輕議員退送禮 網友:端正積習已久歪風

Yilan County councillor Hsueh Cheng-yi stands to speak during a local government session at Yilan County Hall on Jan 24.

Photo: Wang Yang-yu, Liberty Times

“I am Hsueh Cheng-yi, 25 years old. I will use all my energy and bring forth all your strength, to change and protect our homeland,” — this is the campaign slogan of Taiwan’s youngest councillor.

The Yilan County councillor on Facebook said she had received a large number of gifts before and after the new year. Hsueh said, because sending presents back and forth would be embarrassing, she only kept the fresh pussy willow plants and New Year couplets — all the other presents were returned. On returning them, Hsueh chatted at length with the people who had given them and attached her own handmade New Year couplets as greetings.

Hsueh said, “At first I thought it might seem a little unfeeling, since I must establish good relationships with individuals, businesses and companies, but I believe it should not be done through this kind of reciprocal exchange of gifts and burdensome etiquette. Hsueh believes relationships should be built up by both parties listening attentively, understanding one another and through actions. The views and support received from each person is the most precious gift of all.

The post immediately lead to netizens leaving messages of support: “Returning everything has overturned ingrained habits and nefarious influence, like it.”

(Liberty Times, Translated By Edward Jones)







1. at first adv.

一開始 (yi1 kai1 shi3)

例: At first I thought you were a ghost, then I realized it was you.


2. burdensome adj.

麻煩 (ma2 fan2)

例: Interviewing all those people was a really burdensome task.


3. listen attentively v.

傾聽 (qing1 ting1)

例: Frances listened attentively to the fascinating talk on Chinese ceramics.


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