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Beigang’s toon-tastic lantern festival
Q版黑白無常 北港花燈搶眼

The Beigang lantern festival is revealed on March 2 by Deputy Mayor Chang Huang-chen, second right, Liu Chuan-chih, second left, and others.

Photo: Cheng Hsu-kai, Liberty Times

“How can the good and evil deities be this cute?” The home of decorative paper lanterns, Beigang’s 2015 lantern festival is a collaboration between Chaotian Temple and the local government.

This year’s Beigang lantern festival is divided into three main areas and six themes. At the Chaotian Temple and Jhongshan Road area there is a miniature lantern exhibition, Beigang Crafts Workshop lantern art street and Beigang Tourism Center lantern wall; at the Beigang Tourist Bridge area there are cartoon-style good and evil deities, the eight generals, Matsu and the far-seeing and far-hearing gods, amongst others. Beneath the Beigang Tourist Bridge at the Beigang Citan area, there is an auspicious three-yang centerpiece lantern.

This year’s Beigang lantern festival is suitable for all members of the family, both young and old. The cartoon-style good and evil deities and Matsu are particular highlights, while the auspicious three-yang centerpiece lantern — which calls for good omens in the new year and reaches over nine meters high — is a joint creation by decorative paper lantern craftsman Wu Teng-hsing and and Peking opera face painting craftsman Huang Chih-wei. In addition, there are areas for Chinese zodiac animals and the year of the goat, a special agricultural area, carnival floats and other beautiful illuminated scenes.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Edward Jones)



副縣長張皇珍表示,今年北港元宵花燈適合全家大小一起參加,Q版八家將、黑白無常及媽祖是特色亮點,三陽開泰主燈祈求好兆頭,高達九公尺,由花燈工藝師吳登興與臉譜彩繪工藝師黃志偉共同創作;其他還有祈福生肖燈區、羊羊得意燈區 、農業特色燈區、藝閣車等美麗燈景。



1. miniature adj.

縮小的 (suo1 xiao3 de5)

例: John received a miniature model train set for Christmas.


2. highlight n.

亮點 (liang4 dian3)

例: The highlight of the exhibition was the collection of Monet’s watercolors.


3. joint creation n.

共同創作 (gong4 tong2 chuang4 zuo4)

例: The song is a joint creation between two famous artists.


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