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Taichung Art festival breathes new life into old junk
環保藝術節開幕 廢棄物打造動物園

Discarded household clutter is used to produce new artisitc creations for the animal-themed Taichung Environmental Protection Arts Festival. The festival will continue until Monday next week.

Photo: Chang Ching-ya, Liberty Times
照片: 自由時報記者張菁雅

The opening ceremony of the Taichung Environmental Protection Arts Festival took place on Feb. 7 at the Bao Jhih Lin discarded furniture recycling center in Taichung. The theme for this year was “creative animal totem show.” Artists used tires, DVDs, fans and other household items to create thirty different zoological works, making the exhibition space feel as if it were a zoo. The exhibits will be on display until next Monday, after which they will be moved to the Taichung Taiwan Lantern Festival’s low-carbon sustainable lantern area.

Huang Chao-hu, president of the International Ink Color Artists Alliance and the strategist behind Taichung’s Eco-Art Festival, invited 19 artists, including Chung Chun-hsiung, Huang Ying-pu and Li Ming-hsien, to participate in producing works for the festival and use discarded objects to create works of art.

The main piece of the exhibition is Huang Ying-pu’s “Baa baa baa, please take a seat” which makes use of a recycled bicycle tire frame, cooking pot lids and an iron pot as the sheep’s decoration, forming a totemic seat back added to which is a usable seat, combining feelings of delight and intimacy.

On location there are also a mountain goat, turtle, deer and bull made from all kinds of discarded object. Beside the ecological pond is a 3D book created by students from National Taiwan Normal University’s College of Arts, which shows three crocodiles climbing out of a pool of water, and has attracted many people to take photographs.

(Liberty Times, translated by Edward Jones)




1. discard v.

廢棄 (fei4 qi4)

例: After the rock festival, the beach was littered with discarded bottles and cigarette butts.


2. zoological adj.

動物相關的 (dong4 wu4 xiang1 guan1 de5)

例: Hugo has always loved watching zoological documentaries on cable TV.


3. all kinds of adj.

各式的 (ge4 shi4 de5)

例: Max is an extremely talented chef; he can cook mouth-watering dishes from all kinds of cuisine.

(麥克斯是位極具天份的廚師,能用不同的烹調法做出令人流口水的佳餚。 )




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