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Rainmen and Rainwomen Wanted
台南不下雨 鳳梨快渴死 農徵「雨男雨女」

A parched pineapple field is seen in Greater Kaohsiung on Mar. 19 last year.

Photo: Huang Hsu-lei, Liberty Times

Yang Yu-fan, the “Prince of Pineapples” from Greater Tainan, returned to his hometown in 2011 to grow organic pineapples, and often writes online about his insights. This year he is growing pineapples on a 7000-square-meter plot of land. The flowering season is approaching, and a lot of water is needed, but there is a water shortage in Tainan’s Guanmiao District; even the rivers are now running dry.

Yang is therefore searching for “rain-men” and “rain-women” to help him out, using a rather humorous approach. His job description reads, “You bring bad luck, and nobody likes you, because wherever you go it rains, so nobody wants you around.” He even brought up the idea of salary to attract people, saying “as long as you are a real rainmaker, you need do nothing while you work here on the farm. As long as you can bring rain, the more it rains, the higher your salary will be.” His creativity attracted a fervent response from people online.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Ethan Zhan)

台南市「鳳梨王子」 楊宇帆二零一一年回鄉種植有機鳳梨,經常透過網路分享務農心得,今年他種植七分地的鳳梨,正值開花前需要水分的時期,台南市關廟地區卻無水氣,連溪水都快斷流。




1. organic adj.

有機 (you3 ji1)

例: I insist on using organic vegetables when I cook.


2. insight n.

心得 (xin1 de2)

例: I will first try the new method and then write about my insights later.


3. run dry v. phr.

斷流 (duan4 liu2)

例: That river has already started to run dry.


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