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Independence Day arrives for Yuan Zai
圓仔獨立生活 Day 1

Yuan Zai climbs around in her zoo enclosure on Wednesday, her first official day of independence.

Photo courtesy of Taipei Zoo

Last Wednesday, Yuan Zai the panda officially began independent life. As soon as she entered her enclosure she started clambering up and down her perches and crunching on the bamboo with her teeth, but she was also searching everywhere as if looking for her mother to feed her. According to the zoo, Yuan Zai is being weaned off her mother’s milk, much like human babies are, and this searching behavior is expected to be seen over the next three to five days.

The zoo estimates that after Yuan Zai was officially presented for public viewing on Jan. 6 last year, 2,909,201 visits to the Giant Panda House, using the “panda-visiting tickets,” have been made.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)





1. clamber v.

攀;爬 (pan1; pa2)

例: I prefer clambering up rocks than walking up steps.


2. crunch v.

嗑; 咬嚼 (ke4; yao3 jiao2)

例: I was crunching on this candy and broke my tooth.


3. wean v.

斷奶;戒 (duan4 nai3; jie4)

例: I’ve been trying to wean myself off cigarettes, but it’s not working.


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