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Pingtung population fall 13 years in a row
屏東縣人口 連續13年負成長

The population of Pingtung County continues to drop, falling a record 13 years in a row.

Photo: Hou Cheng-hsu, Liberty Times

At the end of last year the total population for Pingtung County stood at around 847,000, making it a record 13 years running of negative population growth.

According to population figures announced by the Pingtung County government, the total population at the end of 2014 was 847,917, of which 434,587 were male and 413,330 were female, with the population down 4,369 compared to the end of 2013.

The population of Pingtung County peaked in 1997 at 913,746, after which it fluctuated around the 900,000 mark, and from the year 2002 on a trend of negative growth commenced. In 2005 it fell below the 900,000 mark, and there have been 13 years of negative growth since that time, falling below 850,000 at the end of last year.

It is not only the birth rate, which is lower than the national average, it is also that people are moving out of the area that has caused this continuous decline in the population.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)







1. fluctuate v.

起伏 (qi3 fu2)

例:The price of oil has been fluctuating wildly lately.


2. trend n.

趨勢 (qu1 shi4)

例:The trend is for the price of oil to rise, not to fall.


3. birth rate n. phr.

出生率 (chu1 sheng1 lu4)

例:Taiwan has one of the world’s lowest birth rates.


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