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Rabies-affected ferret-badgers in Hengchun
白鼻心染狂犬病 恆春各單位展開防疫

Pet owners bring their cats and dogs to the Hengchun Township Government to get a rabies shot on Tuesday last week.

Photo: Tsai Tsung-hsien, Liberty Times
照片: 自由時報記者蔡宗憲攝

Following reports of confirmed rabies infections among ferret-badgers in Oluanpi Pingtung County’s Hengchun Township, the Pingtung County Animal Disease Control Center provided free rabies vaccinations for cats and dogs on Tuersday last week. As many worried pet owners brought their pets for vaccination, the Hengchun Township Government and the Kenting National Park Headquarters stressed that the official alert level had not been raised, and that detailed field studies would have to be carried out to clarify the situation. They also said that hospitals in the area under their jurisdiction currently have sufficient rabies vaccine in store and that all that members of the public need do is tighten control over their pets while the authorities increase their efforts to catch stray dogs and cats, adding that there is no need to be too concerned that the disease will spread further.

Wang Man-ti, an animal protection activist in Hengchun, said that thanks to Heart of Taiwan Animal Care, most adopted stray dogs and cats have been neutered or spayed, vaccinated against rabies and earmarked. Wang also said that although not all of those animals wear a collar, they are safe, and added a wish that as the authorities catch strays, they should pay close attention so that they don’t kill innocent animals.

(Liberty Times, translated by Perry Svensson)





1. rabies n.

狂犬病 (kuang2 quan3 bing4)

例: Pets should be vaccinated against rabies once every year or once every three years.


2. stress v.

強調 (qiang2 diao4)

例: The driving instruction manual stressed the importance of sticking to the speed limits.


3. jurisdiction n.

轄區 (xia2 qu1)

例: Hengchun Township falls under the jurisdiction of Pingtung County.


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