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If Santa were salaried...
如果耶誕老人支薪 年薪可賺四百萬

A child has his picture taken with a Father Christmas who turned up bearing gifts in Greater Tainan on Dec. 17.

Photo: Wu Chun-feng, Liberty Times
照片: 自由時報記者吳俊鋒

Every Christmas Eve is Santa’s busiest time. Santa Claus does not have an easy job. He not only has to prepare gifts for each of the world’s children, he also needs to deliver them to the kids in a single night. But if we were to actually calculate Santa’s salary, how much would he earn?

The latest labor survey announced on an insurance Web site discovered that, if you combined all of his festive activities, from the management and distribution to tasks such as checking off name lists of how good or naughty children have been, altogether Santa should get an annual salary of US$139,924, approximately NT$4.4 million.

The Web site explained that Santa’s tasks include managing the reindeer, reading kids’ letters, wrapping presents, keeping a stealthy check on whether children have been good, sweeping chimneys, driving the sleigh, and singing Christmas carols.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)






1. naughty adj.

淘氣 (tao2 qi4)

例: He was always a very naughty child.


2. stealthy adj.

偷偷 (tou1 tou1)

例: He stole a stealthy look at the presents.


3. carol n.

耶誕歌 (ye1 dan4 ge1)

例: We will sing Christmas carols tonight.


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