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Icicles and ice cascades bring a sparkle to Hehuanshan
晶瑩剔透 冰柱冰瀑現合歡山

A strong continental cold front is affecting Taiwan, and temperatures have fallen to below zero on Hehuanshan. Despite the lack of snow, you can still see sparkling icicles.

Photo: Tung Chen-kuo, Liberty Times

Under the influence of a strong continental cold front, the temperature on Hehuanshan dropped to below zero on Dec. 14, and the weather has changed, becoming dry and cold, although it has yet to snow. It was still enough, however, to make the water freeze along the north-facing slope stretching from Wuling to Hehuanshan Hostel, to create all kinds of icicles and ice cascades sparkling in the sun. Visitors, as if standing in a crystal palace, were picking up their cameras and taking photos of the beautiful icicles and appreciating the magnificent sea-of-clouds scenery of the Qilai mountain range.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)




1. icicle n.

冰柱 (bing1 zhu4)

例: I woke up this morning to find icicles outside the window.


2. sparkling adj.

晶瑩 (jing1 ying2)

例: Swarovski is known for its sparkling, manmade crystal ornaments.


3. sea of clouds n. phr.

雲海 (yun2 hai3)

例: If you climb Mt. Fuji overnight, you can see the sea of clouds scenery from the peak at dawn.


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