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1,000 Suao rocks snapped up in half hour
千顆蘇花改貫通石 半小時搶光

Chen Hao-chih, right, responsible for handing out rocks from the Suhua Highway Improvement Project, gives a rock to girlfriend Chen Shu-fen, left, who also had to queue, on Dec. 7 in Yilan County. People around called for him to propose.

Photo: Chu Tse-wei, Liberty Times

It is said that tunnel rocks can serve as a blessing for having children. On Dec. 7 the Directorate General of Highways’ Suhua Highway Improvement Project Exhibition Center distributed 1,000 tunnel rocks from the project, and they were all gone before half an hour was up. The family of six-year-old Little Tsai from Taoyuan had been queueing since 2pm the previous day, waiting for 18 hours to be first. Little Tsai said that he was hoping for a baby sister. There was also a man from Luzhou in New Taipei City who made the trip to Yilan County’s Suao Township to pick up his tunnel rock, hoping that his childless son, who has been married for ten years, will be able to continue the family line without any problems.

Chen Shu-fen, the girlfriend of Chen Hao-chih, who was there handing out the tunnel rocks, also came to line up. The shy Shu-fen was heckled to say “I love you” to her boyfriend. Hao-chih said that they did not want children, and wanted the rock to bring them luck, and that it was more important that their love lasted forever.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)





1. blessing n.

保佑 (bao3 you4)

例:Many people get talismans from temples as blessings to keep them safe.


2. childless adj.

膝下無子 (xi1 xia4 wu2 zi3)

例:He died childless and without an heir.

他死時膝下無子, 沒有繼承人。

3. heckle adj.

起鬨 (qi3 hong4)

例:The comedian has prepared some funny responses for when she is heckled by the audience.


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