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Minister: Taiwan could be facing worst drought in a decade

Photo showing the low water levels of the Gaoping River in Greater Kaohsiung on Nov. 19. With the dire water situation in Greater Kaohsiung, the level of the Gaoping River has recorded a 15-year low.

Photo: Chen Wen-chan, Liberty Times

On Nov. 19, responding to questions at the Legislative Yuan, Minister of Economic Affairs Woody Duh said that the south of Taiwan would enter a period of water shortage at the end of the year, and that for the next year Taiwan would be faced with a drought, possibly the worst for a decade. According to Water Resources Agency (WRA) Director-General Yang Wei-fu, the water reserves in the Shimen Reservoir are now at the fifth lowest on record, and in the past four months the amount of rainfall in the catchment area has been half the annual average. The worst case scenario is that next year could see a repeat of the household water use restrictions in place in areas north of Miaoli in 2003.

Shortly before, it was announced that the green light was signaled for eight areas throughout Taiwan, indicating concern about the water situation for these locations. The WRA has also initiated certain measures in response, including limits on the supply of water for non-household use.

(Liberty Times, Translated by Paul Cooper)





1. drought n.

乾旱 (gan1 han4)

例: You should avoid using water for non-essential chores during a drought.


2. catchment area n. phr.

集水區 (ji2 shui3 qu1)

例: A small percentage of rainfall in the catchment area is directed into the reservoir.


3. worst case scenario n. phr.

最悲觀狀況 (zui4 bei1 guan1 zhuang4 kuang4)

例: Worst case scenario, we lose all our money, but we’ll probably only lose a small percentage.


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