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Orchid Island pick of bunch for earliest sunrise
追明年最早日出 蘭嶼搶頭香

Visitors watch the first sunrise of the new year at an event organized by the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration and Yuchih Township Office in Nantou County on Jan. 1.

Photo: Chen Hsin-jen, Liberty Times

Now that 2014 is about to draw to a close, have you made preparations for how you are going to see in the new year, and arranged your long New Year weekend? According to the Central Weather Bureau’s (CWB) Astronomical Observatory, the earliest sunrise on the first day of the new year anywhere on Taiwan for low-lying areas will be on Orchid Island, at 6:32 in the morning, the second earliest being on Green Island, at 6:34 am. On Taiwan proper, the earliest sunrise can be seen from Kenting’s Lungpan Park in Pingtung County and Sansiantai in Taitung at 6:35 am.

For the latest sunset of the year, this can be seen on Taiwan proper from Anping in Greater Tainan and Cijin in Greater Kaohsiung, where it will happen at 5:25 on the afternoon of Dec. 31. The latest sunrise of the year anywhere in the country can be seen at 6:35 pm from Taiping Island.

The CWB says that because mountainous areas are of higher elevation, the time of sunrise will be earlier than in low-lying areas, and sunrise can be seen from on Jade Mountain, Siouguluan Mountain and Sinkang Mountain at 6:27 am. These three areas are the places where the sunrise can be seen earliest throughout Taiwan. However, these areas are not easily accessible, and are often closed during the snow season, so they are not suitable for the general public to head for.

(Liberty Times, translated by Paul Cooper)






1. draw to a close v. phr.

步入尾聲 (bu4 ru4 wei3 sheng1)

例: The evening is drawing to a close, but thank you all for coming.


2. see in v. phr.

迎接 (ying2 jie1)

例: We will be seeing in the new year by watching the Taipei 101 fireworks display.


3. head for v. phr.

前往 (qian2 wang3)

例: It’s getting late, I think I’ll head for home.


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